Google Analytics

This website, is like millions of other websites using Google Analytics to gather information about site visitors and their behavior. We are using Google Analytics to get an idea for:
- how many visits our website gets
- how visitors found our website
- in which content they are interested
- how long they stay on our website and on each individual page
- what region they are from
- what type of computer hardware and internet software they are using
- and similar details
However, no personally identifiable information is collected. The collected information is used only for statistics, which in turn help us serve you with content relevant to you. We will not give any third party access to our Google Analytics account, nor will we give any third party access to our accumulated statistics.
Google Analytics' functionality is based on first party cookies, which are stored on each visitor's computer. Cookies store information such as: whether the visitor has been to the website before, the timestamp of the current visit, and where the visitor came from (e.g. search engine).
You can delete or disable cookies anytime by using your browser. In Internet Explorer 9 you can delete your cookies by clicking on the cogwheel in the top right corner, and then click on "Safety". Choose "Delete browsing history...", set a check mark before "Cookies" and press "Delete". The operation is similar in other browsers, such a Chrome or Firefox.

Shopping Cart

If you decide to use our shopping cart we will collect the following information from you: name, address, phone number, email address and any other information entered by the user. The PayPal payment processing takes place through the PayPal payment website interface and no PayPal credentials are stored on our server at any point. 
We will never sell, lend or give away access to customer information to any third party. General sales reports, which contain no personal information, will be delivered monthly to our fundraising partners.
We maintain the right to provide our customers with our marketing materials, e.g. email newsletters, etc.