Course Payment and Refund Policy

Class tuition is payable in advance of the class date and can be paid through our secure website link. You may pay with MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover Card. No personal checks accepted unless prior arrangements are made.

You can also pay for firearm rental and/or ammunition by credit card or by cash payment. Tuition fees are non-refundable. If you fail to show for the day of the course because of unforeseen circumstances, we will allow you to reschedule for a different classroom session. However, if you fail to show more than two (2) times in a six-month period, you will permanently forfeit your tuition fee. A new tuition fee will be required for attendance for any classes after six-months from the initial class date.

We reserve the right to refuse services to anyone, for any reason. Course dates/locations may be changed/postponed due to enrollment, weather conditions, and/or other events beyond our control. If we cancel or postpone a course you will be given the opportunity to reschedule without any penalty.

Training Locations

The class-room portion of most courses are held at 180 Spyglass Alley, Placida, FL 33946. If we need to change the class-room location of a particular course you will be notified well in advance of the course date.

The range portion of some courses is held at the Knights Trail Park Shooting Range, 3445 Rustic Rd., Nokomis, Florida. Knights Trail Park Shooting Range is about 20 minutes from the classroom (I-75, exit 195, Laurel Rd). We limit all class size to a maximum of six (6) students in order to provide personal instruction to each participant.

Class-Room Location

Range Location

Student Firearms

Students may bring their own firearms or rent one of ours. If you bring your own pistol, it must be inspected by the Instructor prior to its use on the range. The Instructor reserves the right to reject any firearm if he feels it is unsafe in any manner or will be unsuitable for the particular class being held. If you have concerns in this regard, please Contact Us regarding your firearm. All firearms MUST be unloaded and cased. No ammunition in the classroom. Please keep your ammunition in your automobile.

Firearm Rentals

If you do not own your own firearm, you can rent a high quality modern .22 caliber or 9mm pistol for $20.00 for the range portion of the course. We have several .22 caliber pistols and 9mm pistols available for rent. First come, first served on pistol rental availability.
Please Contact Us regarding firearm selection prior to the class date. If you do rent a pistol from us, you MUST purchase the ammunition from us as we only use high quality factory made target ammunition suitable for that particular pistol. For safety reasons, NO RELOADS are permitted for our courses! Please Contact Us prior to the class date regarding pistol rental selection and ammunition availability and prices.

How to be Licensed to Carry a Concealed Weapon or Firearm in the State of Florida

In 1987, Florida became the first state to begin issuing concealed weapons/firearm licenses, thus allowing qualified individuals to arm themselves in a concealed manner for lawful self-defense. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services - Division of Licensing regulates the program.

The pamphlet How to be Licensed To Carry A Concealed Weapon or Firearm provides the basic information regarding the qualifications for licensure and the procedures for applying for a concealed weapon/firearm license.

The pamphlet Questions and Answers Pertaining To The Use of Deadly Force for Lawful Self-Defense has answers to some commonly asked questions pertaining to the use of deadly force for lawful self-defense. For complete details and a full explanation of all the requirements, please refer to the Application for Concealed Weapon/Firearm License and Section 790.06, Florida Statutes.

All the courses we offer qualify you in the State of Florida to apply for the Concealed Weapon/Firearm License.



All students are required to furnish photo identification and sign a liability waiver and affirm that they have no criminal record that prohibits them from legally possessing firearms in the State of Florida. Please download, complete and bring the Training Waiver form to the class on the day of your training.

“The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms,
is as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government”

– Thomas Jefferson

“An armed society is a polite society.” – Robert Heinlein