We offer the following courses:

Whether you are interested in recreational shooting or personal protection, the basics are where you start.

We are currently offering three pistol shooting courses as well as the Florida Concealed Weapon/Firearm License class (CWFL). The course you should take depends on your current skill level. All classes include live instruction from insured NRA Certified Instructors, video and PowerPoint presentations, detailed information on the legal* aspects of self-defense, and hands-on experience with firearms, including live-fire training at the range.

Safe firearm handling will be at the forefront of every firearms course. Learn the techniques that are proven to work should you ever decide to shoot in a lethal force encounter. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to make “good hits”. You are responsible for every round you fire. So it makes good sense to receive firearms training that will make you more proficient and competent as a firearms owner.

Group and/or Private Instruction

We offer group discounts to groups of 5 or more that attend the same Firearm Training Course. Please call our office for special pricing information. Additionally, upon special request, we will provide evening classes during the work-week for groups of 5 or more. However, group discount pricing is not available for evening courses as the evening courses entail the class meeting twice (evening classroom and day range meetings) during the course.

We also offer private firearm instruction courses in your office, home or at our office for a modest additional fee. Personal firearm instruction training payable by the hour is available if desired. Please call our office for pricing.

United States Military Veterans

If you are a honorably discharged Unites States military veteran, the State of Florida allows you to use your DD 214 in place of a formal training course to apply for your Concealed Weapon/Firearm License. However, if it has been some time since you handled firearms, especially a pistol, we suggest you enroll in our Basics of Pistol Shooting Course to receive a refresher on firearm safety and basic shooting techniques as well as become familar with the firearm regulations in the State of Florida. 

If you or an immediate family member would like to attend any of our firearm training courses, a $10.00 discount will apply to you and to those immediate family members who attend the same course. Thank you for your service!

*Legal Disclaimer

Staff members of American Firearms Training, LLC ™ are not attorneys and do not dispense legal advice. The information contained in the courses should NOT be construed as legal advice. The information is intended to provide broad general guidelines regarding the use of firearms and self-defense. For more specific information, consult an attorney familiar with the laws relating to firearms and the use of deadly force. Also, you should consult Florida Statute 790 regarding the legal use of firearms.